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Greek yoghurt with honey and pistachios.

Greek yoghurt with honey and pistachios

Looking for an easy and refreshing dessert for summer? All you need for this Greek recipe ready in five minutes is pistachios, honey and Greek yoghurt.

01 July, 2023
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Season & Occasion

serves for


total time

0 HR 5 MIN


300g/10.6 oz
250ml/8.5 oz
Greek yoghurt
1l/33.8 oz


Step 01

Mix the pistachios with the honey.

Step 02

Put the yoghurt into dishes and spoon over the pistachio and honey mixture.

It’s that simple!

Recipe variations

It’s hard to think of things you couldn’t add to Greek yoghurt. All kinds of fruits are an option, from berries and bananas to dried fruits such as apricots and dates. Add some nuts to give it crunch – it doesn’t have to be pistachios. How about almonds, walnuts or even hazelnuts?

How to sweeten Greek yoghurt

Honey is the classic, traditional way to sweeten Greek yoghurt, but have you thought about using jam or stirring through a teaspoon of lemon curd? Agave nectar makes a great alternative if you’re keeping an eye on your glycaemic index.


Greek yoghurt can last up to two weeks in the fridge if sealed tightly. Avoid cross-contamination by spooning out whatever you need rather than eating it out of the pot. Try not to store it in the fridge door. Don’t be afraid to freeze Greek yoghurt – it will keep in the freezer for up to two months.

For a refreshing savoury Greek yoghurt recipe this summer, how about cucumber tzatziki?

This recipe was updated on 01/07/2023.

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