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Liya Su

Liya Su
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Liya Su

I came from Canton, Southeast China’s Guangdong province, is a city of gastronomy and the home of Cantonese cuisine. In my youth, not only had I realized food brought pleasures and comforts, but also I had sense that food would connect people and the world.

Following my heart, I indulged in global gastronomy discovery naturally. Later from 2012, I set foot on food writing when I have been trained as a bilingual-inspired journalist. As a matter of fact, my lifetime passion on food finally came to the first-ever launched Michelin Guide China back in 2016.

The more perspectives chefs share, the more humbles I learn. Because gastronomy is a complex of presenting art, craft, science, culture, history, philosophy, and even anthropology, so it inspires me to go beyond boundaries to dance with the diversities of gastronomy.

As a cross-culture lover, I do appreciate any kind of food in every corner of the world. However, Chinese cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine are the apples of my eyes. The former one is flowing in my blood that encourages me to learn in-depth food cultures and share to Chinese food lovers in the globe, and the latter one has played leading roles in European countries from ancient Rome to contemporary world which motivates me to make researches in tracing back to its roots, evolutions and influences.

I do believe that food adventures to be the best kind of therapy. The ingredients, flavors, chefs, cuisines and travels are inspiring that creates unforgettable memories. Along with the food journey, I will keep storytelling. When not writing, I can be found devouring cookbooks or knocking at the door of a restaurant. Apart from feeding my stomach, I also enjoy exploring the world of tea.

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