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Where to Eat Caciucco in Livorno


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Where to Eat Caciucco in Livorno

Discover the best places to sample the hearty fish stew specialty, which hails from the Tuscan port city on Italy's west coast.
21 November, 2022

Where to eat cacciucco in Livorno? It's a vital question when you are in the Tuscan city that gave birth to this tasty recipe with the scent of the sea.

Cacciucco alla livornese is a typical fish soup, designed to be savoured in every season: a traditional dish that has become a real convivial ritual. Served with bread, it was once prepared just with fish that remained unsold from the morning's markets and represented the classic single course to eat with the family.

Today, restaurants in Livorno are experimenting with different variations on a theme, remaining faithful to local flavours, but adding modern touches, starting with the selection of the fish used.

The classic recipe for cacciucco in Livorno involves a tomato-based condiment, bread, sage and over ten types of fish, which today range from those with bones, to the finest crustaceans and molluscs.

So, where should you eat cacciucco in Livorno, and who prepares the best cacciucco in in the port city? Follow our advice in the map below.

Il Sottomarino

A real reference point for those looking for a reliable restaurants to eat cacciucco in Livorno. Run by the same family for years, it's the right place to indulge in a memorable cacciuccata. The recipe was handed down to the patron Fulvio Bani by his grandparents: the cacciucco is prepared daily with fresh fish.

Cantina Senese

Another family-run restaurant, operated by the Sanna family for years. Finding the best cacciucco in Livorno means making a stop here, at Cantina Senese, where the traditional recipe is respected in every aspect and where only the catch of the day is used.

La Pineta di Zazzeri

La pineta di Zazzeri Caciucco Livorno

Courtesy of La Pineta di Zazzeri

Among the places of worship to eat cacciucco in Livorno, is La Pineta di Zazzeri. This restaurant, which today boasts a Michelin star, is located by the sea, in Marina di Bibbona. Here, Andrea and Daniele Zazzeri are carrying on the family tradition, offering a more modern and altogether lighter, yet equally tasty style of cacciucco, with the catch of the day.

Trattoria Da Galileo

This is yet another well-known pace for cacciucco in Livorno. Indeed, for many, the best cacciucco in Livorno is found here. It is the Trattoria Da Galileo, in the heart of the Pontino district, where the Piagnerò brothers carry on the teachings of their father, who founded the restaurant in the late 1950s. The key to their success? Respect for tradition and the catch of the day.

Fiaschetteria da Pilade

Among the places to eat cacciucco in Livorno, there is no shortage of recent restaurants. Here, then, is the Fiaschetteria da Pilade, opened in 2019, but perfectly anchored to the tides of tradition. Here, ancient rules are followed: the Livorno soup is prepared upon reservation and strictly using fish with bones, as per tradition.

Ristorante Le Volte

In the port of Livorno, Le Volte is a historic restaurant specialising in the cuisine of cacciucco and fresh fish: a safe space with a suggestive location, perfect for those looking for the best cacciucco in Livorno. Get ready to savour the characteristic soup in a romantic space, within the Medici walls.

La Barcarola

When asked where best try try cacciucco alla Livornese, many residents of the Tuscan port city respond with this address. Barcarola is a great classic, very popular and well known (even outside the city limits) for its cacciucco alla livornese. A must-try traditional recipe, handed down by generations.

L'Angelo d'Oro

In Piazza Mazzini, here is another great place to eat cacciucco in Livorno. We are talking about L'Angelo d'Oro, a very welcoming trattoria, where it's possible to choose between two versions of cacciucco: with or without bones. Enjoy this more contemporary approach, which will satisfy all palates.