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Endo Kazutoshi’s guide to Yokohama

Chef Endo Kazutoshi and the Yokohama skyline.

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Endo Kazutoshi’s guide to Yokohama

The chef behind the Endo at the Rotunda restaurant in London shares his top picks for where to eat and drink in his hometown.
21 August, 2023

Endo at the Rotunda is widely regarded as one of the best Japanese restaurants in London. Located at the top of the former BBC Television Centre in White City, it offers Michelin-starred sushi, some of London's best, and more, from the hands of Endo Kazutoshi, a third-generation sushi chef from Yokohama, Japan, with a love of British ingredients. Here, Kazutoshi offers a chef’s guide to where to eat and drink in his hometown.

According to Kazutoshi, the Noge district is not to be missed. “This is a great place for food and nightlife, it’s very lively and a lot of the bars are open 24/7. The tiny streets and alleys are full of lights and lined with old-school izakaya taverns, cheap eats, jazz bars and yakitori restaurants. It’s gotten a little touristy over the years but I still like to go. I generally order sake and yakitori. The best thing to do here is ‘Noge-style’ which is essentially bar and food hopping. You order a little bit at every place you go so you can try lots of dishes throughout the night,” he says.

Midori Sushi

“This was my father’s restaurant and where I considered home growing up. I spent a lot of my childhood there, either in the kitchen helping or out the front chatting to customers. My younger brother now runs the restaurant and does this amazing sea eel which I’d say has become the signature dish, it’s an absolute must-try!”

Le Normandie

“Hotel New Grand, built in 1927, is the most famous hotel in the city and serves amazing French food. The hotel has a few restaurants but my favourite is Le Normandie – I love the vibe and the seasonal menus they offer. It is very typical to have restaurants that blend Japanese and Western cultures in Yokohama into one concept and this is a perfect example.”

Bar Sea Guardian II

“Guardian II is also inside the Hotel New Grand. It has an amazing cocktail menu and every time I go I ask the bar manager to make me whatever he recommends. I have tried lots of different ones over the years but one of my favourites is the Yokohama cocktail [gin, vodka, absinthe, grenadine, orange juice].”

Center Grill

“The Center Grill has been around for ages, it does a Japanese take on European food which is common in Yokohama and has become a staple. It’s very close to the main station so is always busy and has a great vibe – I get the special omelette rice and would highly recommend it.”


“This is Yokohama’s most amazing – and oldest – tonkatsu restaurant. It has been around since 1927 and in my opinion, is the best. Get the rectangular pork cutlet dish.”


“This was Yokohama’s first gyu-nabe (hotpot) restaurant and has become an institution in the city. It opened in 1868 and serves very authentic, typical dishes from the region.”