Where to Eat in Dublin
The Fair City’s food scene goes from strength to strength, as an influx of young international workers mix with a local population that is the most youthful
Chef Nicolas Fagundes Galindo won the Fine Dining Lovers Food for Thought Award for the UK & North Europe area.
Temple Bar Dublin
Ireland's "Greedy Landlords" Slammed by Restaurant Association
The Restaurants Association of Ireland has criticised Irish landlords for not going far enough to help struggling restaurants during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Aimsir Ireland dish
Aimsir Counts Silver Linings with New Menu and Pop-Up
A new menu after lockdown for Ireland's new two-Michelin-star restaurant Aimsir.
 Ebru Demir
“The Work of a Chef should start from the Soil, not from the Plate”
Award winning chef and humanitarian Ebru Demir speaking at Food on the Edge 2019 in Galway, Ireland about how she uses gastronomy to transform lives in Turkey. Using refugee knowledge she was able to encourage local Turkish farmers to return to using traditional farming methods and indigenous seeds. Empowering women, facilitating integration, boosting the economy and enriching Turkish society all through the power of gastronomy.
Matt Stone
Matt Stone: The Future of Sustainable Living
Matt Stone shared his new project Greenhouse with the audience at Food On The edge 2019 in Galway, Ireland.
Selassie Atadika at Food on the Edge
Selassie Atadika at Food on The Edge 2019 - This is Africa!
Selassie Atadika talks at Food On The Edge 2019 in Galway, Ireland about her work with Midunu and how they look to Africa's culture and traditions to develop foodways that can feed the continent and the world.
Kids menu
Restaurant Reminds Reviewer The Kid Menu is For Kids
An Irish restaurant responds to scathing review on TripAdvisor with a respectful, humourous reply.
The Irish Cookbook
The Lay of the Land - JP McMahon's The Irish Cookbook
The Irish Cookbook is JP McMahon's exploration into what food in Ireland was, how it was used, how it was not and, ultimately, what Irish food can be.
Blanca del Noval at FOTE 2019
The minds behind the next new flavours
Watch the speech of Blanca Del Noval, Head Researcher at the BCulinaryLAB of the Basque Culinary Centre at last Food On The Edge 2019 in Galway.
Taste of Dublin Festive Edition
Taste of Dublin: Festive Edition
This festive gourmet event puts Christmas cheer on a plate as chefs, masterclasses and restaurant tastings unfold over four days.
Oíche Samhana, the ancient Celtic festival behind Halloween
The festival of Halloween has its roots in the ancient Irish festival of Samhain, a celebration f the harvest and a time when it was believed that the dead could walk among the living.