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What Is Radicchio? Discover 7 Tasty Recipes For Cooking This Veggie

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What Is Radicchio? Discover 7 Tasty Recipes For Cooking This Veggie

If you enjoy cooking with seasonal vegetables, don't pass up an opportunity to cook with radicchio this spring.

What is radicchio, you ask? 

Sometimes confused with red cabbage, this purple-leafed vegetable is often found in bagged salad mixes. It has a sharp flavor that lends itself beautifully to cooked dishes such as pastas and roasts.

Where Does Radicchio Come From?

Radicchio originated in northeastern Italy and is a relative of endive so it performs well in the company of other bold flavors such as lamb and blue cheese.

In the United States, we are more familiar with radicchio from the town of Chioggia, which has a round shape and ruby-colored leaves.

Radicchio from the area of Treviso has long white stems that gradually give way to purplish red leaves (pictured up top and below).

How Do I Cook with Radicchio?

Now that you know what is radicchio, maybe you're curious about cooking with radicchio: here are five recipes that will help you get better acquainted with this tasty vegetable.

BAGNA CAUDA: An Appetizer Where Radicchio Shines

If you are looking for a crowd-pleasing appetizer that is out of the ordinary give this flavorful Italian dip a try.

It's made with garlic, anchovies and plenty of butter then served with fresh radicchio and other hearty vegetables like carrots and radishes for dipping.

Learn how to make it.


This colorful salad made of thinly sliced fennel and shredded radicchio gets a nice crunch from walnuts and extra goodness from crumbled blue cheese.

Here's the must-try recipe.

Tomatoes, Arugula and Radicchio

If you love sharp flavors then you'll be a fan of this fantastic salad with a bite.

Fresh tomatoes are tossed with arugula, sliced radicchio and pine nuts. Fresh Parmesan cheese adds tang while the extra virgin olive oil makes it all go down easily.

Here is the recipe.

Radicchio and Pasta: Meant To Be Together

There's something magical that happens when hot pasta is tossed with radicchio: the sharpness of the vegetable gives way to its sweeter, lesser known side.

Perhaps no one knows that better than New York City chef Michael White. To prove it he shared this recipe with FDL: tubular-shaped pasta tossed with wilted radicchio and smothered in a melted cheese sauce. Delicious!

Learn how to make it.

Make A Bed of Radicchio for Grilled Meats

If you are looking for an alternative to burger buns why not serve your juicy burger on a bed of radicchio?

This recipe for a lamb burger also calls for grilled potatoes. It's a feast you won't be able to resist.

Try the recipe today.

Radicchio: Fantastic With SOUS VIDE THIGH OF LAMB

Melt-in-your mouth lamb is served with sherry-braised radicchio, onions and a delectable red wine sauce.

Here's the stunning recipe from chef Andrea Berton.

FRESH Radicchio Is Great In Sandwiches

What else is radicchio good for? Just like lettuce, it is amazing in sandwiches.

How about layering it with roasted yellow peppers, grilled tuna steaks and ciabatta?

Learn how to make this tasty sandwich now.

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