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Cool Beer Glasses Perfect For Wordsmiths

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Cool Beer Glasses Perfect For Wordsmiths
Photo Uncommon Goods

Do you know someone who loves to use big words? Or is simply curious about words and their origins? Then these beer glasses are just the thing to gift them this Christmas.

Designed by Eliza Todd, a Chicago-based artist and graphic designer, each glass features a fancy food related word and its definition.

Todd “considers herself a collector of words and uses their meanings to start and expand on new projects,” according to the website, which explains the inspiration behind these cool beer glasses.

A set of four retails for $35 here. Check out the list of the words that appear on the beer glasses and their definitions: 

abligurition, n
Phoenetics: ab-lig-your-ish-en
Root: Latin - abliguritio
1. Lavishly spending on food and drink.

capernoited, adj
Phoenetics: kay-pir-noy-ted
Root: Unknown
1. Slightly altered in the head by drinking; tipsy.

crapulous, adj
Phoenetics: krap-ya-luhs
Root: Latin - crapulosus
1. Marked by an over consumption of eating or drinking.

homerkin, n
Phoenetics: hoh-mir-kin
Root: Hebrew - homer
1. An obsolete measure used for beer.

Images via Uncommon Goods

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