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The Restaurants Dedicated to Chefs' Mothers

06 May, 2022
Two images featuring Rasmus Kofoed and his mum and Baxtrum Patti Ann

Kofoed on his mother, Angelika:

 "My Mother was, and still is my biggest influence when it comes to cooking. It was very important to her that our food was healthy, organic, and vegetarian. She taught me about foraging and all of the beautiful wild plants and herbs that grow in nature and now I am teaching my children. I grew up with two brothers and two sisters, and one of the ways I could help my mother was to cook for them. That is when I first realised how much I enjoyed cooking and that I was a good cook."

"Angelika, my plant-based pop-up, was a tribute to nature and also to my mother as it was named after her. Many of the dishes at Angelika are dishes that I have prepared for my family during the last couple of years. Angelika is casual, shared plates, highlighting vegetables in their purest form."

Trevor Teich – Claudia (Chicago)

chef Trevor Teich in his chef whites

Chicago chef Trevor Teich's newly opened restaurant was named after his 76-year-old mother, Claudia. The tribute is even more poignant given how long it took him to finally settle donwn into his own bricks and mortar's place in Bucktown, where he also just received his first Michelin star.

Teich on his mother, Claudia:

"My mom has always been a constant source of inspiration. Whether it be her unwavering kindness towards people, thoughtfulness and humility, or her tenacious work ethic, I have learned a lot from her." 

"Throughout my childhood and into my adult years she has always fostered my creativity. You can see her influence in this way throughout the restaurant - not just the name but in our warmth of service, our bookshelf of childhood memories, and other similar touches throughout what we do at Claudia." 

Greg Baxtrom – Patti Ann’s (New York)

Chef Greg Baxtrom posing with his arm around his mother outside Patti Ann

Greg Baxtrom channels the best of his childhood memories and love for his mom - Patti Ann, a retired teacher - in his casual Brooklyn restaurant dedicated to her. There, he offers a fresh take on Midwestern comfort-food classics, immersed in memorabilia from his mother's teaching career like globes, maps, and classroom artwork.

Baxtrom on his mother, Patti Ann:

"My mom is the sweetest and warmest person on the planet. The best description of my mom is if a Strawberry Shortcake doll grew up and became an elementary school teacher. In many ways, she was my first introduction to food and cooking. Whether it be her peanut butter bars or her chips and goop, a riff on Lipton’s French Onion Dip that was a staple growing up, her recipes were among my favourites from my childhood. She was always immensely supportive of me pursuing a career in cooking, and even though she may not have always understood fine dining in its idiosyncrasies, she was nevertheless always encouraging." 

"The funny thing is, my dad has always helped me with my restaurants. I mean, he hand built wooden book shelves, tables, bars, you name it. So he’s always been mentioned alongside my restaurants. And my mom was always asking about when she could be involved. I knew I would eventually want to dedicate a restaurant to her and that’s how Patti Ann’s came about. Patti Ann’s has all of my childhood Midwestern favourites, and even some of her recipes. I wanted the space to be a real homage to her, so I made it elementary school-cool, she was a fourth grade teacher after all. The dining room is decorated with maps, games, books, and even the Mr. Gallon diagram that she made to help her students learn measurements. It’s totally a place where families can roll up with strollers on a weekend night and feel comfortable. I like thinking of this restaurant being an extension of her hosting my friends when I was younger."


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