S.Pellegrino Sparkles with Bulgari

S.Pellegrino Sparkles with Bulgari

16 February, 2012
S.Pellegrino Sparkles with Bulgari

A sparkling jewel, selected from the Bulgari Vintage collection of 1965, will “wear” the label of the iconic S.Pellegrino bottle.

From mid-September, for a limited time of 3 months, the S.Pellegrino sparkles with Bulgari special edition bottle will be offered in the best restaurants all over the world.

An alluring video, an exclusive for FDL, will announce to you - before anyone else - this event which is a tribute to Italian timeless magnificence and a celebration of the colorful and refined Italian spirit, thanks to a partnership between the two brands, both international icons of the Italian art of living.

The yellow gold necklace, embellished by brilliant cut diamonds, turquoises, amethysts and cabochon emeralds is a unique piece that evokes the 1960s Bulgari style. The necklace was part of the collection belonging to Lyn Revson, the wife of the founder of Revlon cosmetics, Charles Revson, it’s a piece that expresses uniqueness, refinement and impeccable style.

By sharing common values of heritage, prestige, quality, unexpectedness, glamour and timelessness, Bulgari and S.Pellegrino envisioned together a new interpretation of Italian lifestyle: the encounter was celebrated last night with an exclusive dinner held at the prestigious Bulgari Hotel in Milan, and prepared in tandem with two great chefs – Davide Scabin, the chef of the restaurant Combal.Zero in Rivoli, and Andrea Ferrero, executive chef at Bulgari Hotel Restaurant.

The evening’s menu featured a unique and visionary dish, prepared by Scabin with the aim of paying tribute to the encounter between the two world-famous brands.

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