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Ostrich Egg and Abalone Custard with African Caviar Peter Tempelhoff

Ostrich Egg and Abalone Custard with African Caviar

The ostrich egg has a lot more yolk than normal eggs, so it is very rich and needs to be respected. Don't miss this exclusive dish by Peter Tempelhoff (chef at Fyn, Cape Town), who gets his eggs from Outeniqua, South Africa, between the months of August and May. 

27 May, 2021
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serves for


total time

3 HR 0 MIN


Ostrich egg
200 g
186 g
186 g
Abalone garum
10 ml
White pepper
30 g
2, whole. Steamed for 20min cooled and thinly sliced lengthwise
150 ml



Step 01


Mix the ingredients with chopsticks or a fork without whisking in air.

Pour 45g into an ovenproof serving bowl and cover with plastic wrap.

Steam for 30-45 minutes or until set.

Hold in a warming drawer until needed - can hold for up to 2 hours.


Step 02

Plating the dish

Layer the sliced abalone onto the chawanmushi (egg custard) to order, warm under the salamander of the top grill of an oven.

Pour 20 ml kaeshi (Japanese noodle sauce) over the abalone and serve immediately.

Add a spoon of caviar onto the dish at the table in front of the guests.

Ostrich Egg and Abalone Custard with African Caviar


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