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Dry Tomato Slices with Rocio of Rice Vinegar

Dry Tomato Slices with Rocio of Rice Vinegar

An exclusive appetiser recipe, shared by chef Quique Dacosta and served at the international launch of Food on the Edge 2018 in Barcelona.

13 June, 2018
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900 g, semi-dried, preserved in virgin olive oil Extra variety Arbequina, drained of oil
400 g
190 g, dried
Egg yolks
63 g, pasteurized
Xanthan gum
0.5 g
Tomato Oil
210 g, dried
Olive oil
25 g, drained
1, whole
All purpose flour
50 g
30 g
Whole milk
60 g
Food Coloring
3 g
Sunflower oil
Rice Vinegar
800 g
300 g
200 g, sun-dried


For the base of dried tomatoes

Crush the semi-dried artisan tomatoes at maximum power in a Thermomix for eight minutes at 60 º C and pass through a fine Chinois. 

Discard the skin.

For dried tomatoes mayonnaise

Emulsify all the ingrdients as a mayonnaise by adding at oils at the end and testing the salt point.

Put in bottles and keep chilled.

For fried dough

Mash all ingredients and eave to stand a little.

Heat the sunflower oil to 160 º C and insert the donught mould for at least 20 seconds. Remove and drain on paper. Immerse the mould in the dough for three seconds and drain again. Wait for it to dry in the mould for another 20 seconds and insert into the oil at 160 ºC. Finish frying without taking colour and drain the excess oil between paper, shaking a little. 

For the Rocio of rice vinegar

Reduce the rice vinegar to 200g.

Remove from heat, add glucose and reheat a little to dilute well.

Put in small bottles and refrigerate.

In addition  

Mash the tomatoes when they are very dry and make a fine dry tomato powder.

Keep in a dry place.

Finishing and presentation

Fill all the gaps with the tomato mayonnaise, and sprinkle plenty of tomato powder over it until completely covered. To finish, add five drops of rice vinegar spray.



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