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Amberjack Fish, Roe Deer With Cherry And Jerusalem Artichoke Sauce

Amberjack Fish, Roe Deer With Cherry And Jerusalem Artichoke Sauce

Creative sushi recipe with roe deer, amberjack fish and artichoke sauce, by the famous Italian chef Moreno Cedroni

01 April, 2012
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serves for


total time

1 HR 50 MIN


Roe deer loin
500 g
Thai Marinade
250 g
100 g
Extra virgin olive oil
30 g
Thai Marinade
100 g
To taste
Jerusalem artichokes
600 g
Fish stock
450 g
Extra virgin olive oil
200 g
4 g, minced
White pepper
1 g
6 g
Sesame seeds
75 g
Soy sauce
25 g
White vinegar
25 g
Extra virgin olive oil
25 g
500 g, cleaned
175 g
120 g
Lime juice
3 g
Lemon juice
10 g
200 g


Roe deer sushi
Vacuum pack the salsify with oil and a thyme branch, cook for 45 minutes at 85°C.
Once cooked, cut first in oblique slices, then julienne and marinate in the Thai marinade for 24 hours.

Prepare the sauce by dicing the Jerusalem artichoke into 3cm pieces, then immerse in boiling water for 7 minutes.
In the meantime, prepare a soffritto of garlic and oil and add the drained Jerusalem artichoke along with the salt, pepper and fish broth.
Bring to a boil and then mix in a blender for at least 3 minutes.
Pass the mixture through a sieve.
This should give you about 1 kg of sauce that may be diluted with 30g water for each 100g of sauce.

Black sesame
Toast the black sesame seeds and place them in a container with soy sauce, vinegar and olive oil.

Cherry sauce
Prepare the cherry sauce by cooking all the ingredients together for 5 minutes then acidulate it with the lime juice.

Amberjack fish
Cut the fish into thin slices, about 20g each, and the roe deer into thin slices about 5g each.

Complete the dish
Place three slices of amberjack fish and three slices of roe deer and dress it with the Jerusalem artichoke sauce and a pinch of salt.
Decorate the dish with black sesame seeds, the candied salsify, cherry pieces and cherry sauce.

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