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Ein Prosit Summer Edition & No Borders Music Festival

Ein Prosit Summer Edition e No Borders Music Festival

Photo Ein Prosit | Fabrice Gallina

22-31 July, 2022

Ein Prosit Summer Edition & No Borders Music Festival

In the Tarvisio area, for two weekends, music meets gastronomy. From dinners and workshops, to tastings and meetings.

In Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy, this summer will move to the rhythm of good music and good food. Save the date for the No Borders Music Festival, the Tarvisian festival that brings live music at high altitude, in unspoiled nature, from 22 July - 7 August.

Now in its 27th edition, the festival will feature artists ranging from Alessandro MannarinoBrunori Sas and Daniele Silvestri, to Tommaso ParadisoAsaf Avidan and Nicola Conte (the complete line-up is here).

At the same time, Ein Prosit Tarvisio - Summer Edition is also back, the gastronomic event scheduled from 22 - 24 July, and from 29 - 31 July, which will be attended by chefs from all over the Tarvisio area, with a rich programme of dinners and tastings, but also of walks and excursions with guides, workshops, masterclasses and round tables. It's two weekends dedicated to experiential tourism, to be spent between food, culture and territory.

Furthermore, in participating restaurants, it will be possible to try thematic menus, made with local products and a stellar line-up of guest chefs both national and international.

Ein Prosit Summer Edition 2022: the dinner program

Below you will find the calendar of Ein Prosit dinners in the Tarvisio locations (to book dinners, contact the host restaurant; for dinners at the Golf Club, book at or at 0428 2392)

Eugenio Boer & Luigi Taglienti - Golf Club Restaurant, 22 July
J DAY with Giancarlo Morelli & Giuseppe Rambaldi - Golf Club Restaurant - 23 July
Michelangelo Mammoliti - Edelhof Restaurant - 23 July
Eugenio Boer - Buon Arrival Restaurant - 23 July
Riccardo Gaspari - Edelhof Restaurant - 24th July
Ana RoŇ° & Alessandro Dal Degan - Golf Club Restaurant - 29 July
Benedetto Rullo, Lorenzo Stefanini & Stefano Terigi - Edelhof Restaurant - 29 July
Salvatore & Francesco Sodano - Edelhof Restaurant - 30 July
Nino Rossi & Antonio Biafora - Edelhof Restaurant - 31 July

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Ein Prosit Summer Edition & No Borders Music Festival

22-31 July, 2022
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