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10 Best Food Movies

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10 Best Food Movies
Photo Grand Budapest Hotel

US restaurant critic Jonathan Gold has revealed his top 10 favourite food films in the LA Times.

It's an eclectic selection of world cinema, from short to feature films, from old to new and covering a staggering variety of food driven topics, from ambitious restaurateurs to more tenuous links like love and canned pineapples.

Here's the rundown on each, take a look and see which ones get your creative juices flowing.

10 Best Food Movies 

Katsuyuki Motohiro

This 2006 Japanese features a failed comedian who finds happiness reviewing noodle shops back in his home prefecture in Japan. Gold does concede however, that after Tampopo, Udon is probably the second best ever food film made.


Jiro Dreams of Sushi
David Gelb

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This captivating film captures the life and work of of one of the world's best sushi chefs, octogenarian Jiro Ono.


The Gleaners and I
Agnès Varda

The French docu-film from Agnès Varda's follows a band of modern-day gleaners, as they hunt for food in both rural and urban settings.


The Exterminating Angel
Luis Buñuel

This surrealist film is set during a never ending opulent dinner party, until things turn sour.


The Bakery Girl of Monceau
Éric Rohmer

This short film was the first of director Éric Rohmer's Six Moral Tales. In just 23 minutes he manages to tackle love and temptation,  when the lead character's head is turned by the girl in the bakery.


Christmas in Connecticut
Peter Godfrey

This Christmas culinary delight is set in Conneticut and captures the farcical reality of a food and drink magazine columnist who is unable to cook, but is forced to fake it in an entertaining series of catastrophes that ensue.


Killer of Sheep
Charles Burnett

An American drama film that follows Stan, a slaghterhouse worker in LA and how it affects his home life.


The Secret of the Grain
Abdellatif Kechiche

This touching and intimate Franco Tunisian film follows the ambition of an ageing Maghreb immigrant to establish a succesful restaurant to leave to his family, where couscous and mullet are central to the menu.


The Grand Budapest Hotel
Wes Anderson

This visual treat is stacked with moutwatering arrays of cream puffs arranged in pink pasteboard boxes, leaving little to the imagination why it would appeal to most foodies.


Chungking Express
Wong Kar-wai

... and this Hong Kong drama film follows two sequential stories, one about a lovesick policeman and canned pineapples!



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