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Uber Threw Away A Chef's $3000 Knife Roll

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Uber Threw Away A Chef's $3000 Knife Roll
Photo YouTube/How to Make Sushi

Losing your knife roll, one you’ve spent years accumulating at considerable cost would be a nightmare for any chef.

That’s exactly what happened to Toronto chef Dylan Vickers, who left his knife roll (not pictured) worth around $3000 in the back of an Uber on the way to work in a sushi restaurant one day, reports the Toronto Sun.

On realising his error, Vickers immediately contacted the driver and was later contacted by Uber to say he could collect his knives at a local office. However, when he arrived he was told that his knives, which were uninsured, had been deemed “unsafe to be reissued” and had been discarded, rather than being handed over to the police as potential weapons.

Following some back and forth emails, in which Uber assured Vickers that his knives had actually been discarded rather than stolen and that they wouldn't be paying for them, the taxi firm agreed to compensate the chef for his loss and apologised for the poor customer service he had received.

This happened back in March, so hopefully Vickers has just about got over the shock of losing a knife roll that took him eight years to accumulate and no longer has to borrow his colleagues’ knives. But still, chefs, just a reminder: don’t let that knife roll out of your sight.

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