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The Michelin Guide Inspection Process

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The Michelin Guide Inspection Process
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Ever wondered what it takes for a restaurant to earn a Michelin star? What rigorous testing, anonymous inspections and consultations take place before a restaurant leaps onto the pages of the prestigious Michelin Guide?

What might seem like a closely guarded secret or an invisible force is a carefully curated process with a workforce of some 500 inspectors and mountains of paperwork and processes behind it.

What does that look like? Take a look at the infographic below where the Michelin team take the mystery out of the process. Each stage of the journey is detailed, from assessing a restaurant, to surrounding research, moderation and being given a place in the Guide.

So, if you're a restaurateur, this is how you do, or don't end up being listed. And, just so you know what to look out for; Michelin inspectors dine alone, probably take notes and always pay their bill and won't reveal their identity until afterwards, maybe!

If you're a customer, your feedback counts too, so be sure to tell the Guide what you think about your dining experience.

Discover what it takes to be a Michelin inspector.

Here's the Michelin Guide to the Inspection Process

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