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World's Largest Sushi Mosaic Record is Set in Norway

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World's Largest Sushi Mosaic Record is Set in Norway
Photo Guiness World Records

In an unusual fusion of football and fish, the World Record for the "Largest Sushi Mosaic" has been set by a team of Norwegian chefs in a football stadium in Norway, which fed hungry fans once the record was official.

The successful challenge was undertaken to celebrate the 100-year anniversary celebration of the Bodø Glimt football club and took place during Bodø Glimt’s home game against Sport Club Brann in Aspyrma Stadion, Bodo, Norway.

The massive mosaic, which measured 56.50 m² (608.16 ft²) smashed the world record previously held by Japan at 41.99 m², and included 800kg of salmon, 400kg of rice, 200 litres of rice vinegar, 480kg cucumber and 10kg chives.

However, the biggest challenge by all accounts was to stay within the health and safety guidelines, as Leonardo Figueroa Aguilar, leading the team of four chefs, explained: “Because of the rules from the Norwegian food council the sushi mosaic could only stay two hours outside in the football stadium. We were in a hurry in the end and I was close to a heart attack.”

Meanwhile, in other news, sushi mosaics have been causing a stir on Instagram.

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