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What's in Season in April?

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What's in Season in April?

Are you wondering what's in season in April? This is the time of the year where markets begin filling up with vibrant colors thanks to the many fruits and vegetables available in the spring. 

We begin to see tender asparagus, fresh mushrooms, green peas, leeks and even the first strawberries of the season. But there is so much more fresh produce to discover!

Here is a look at what's in season in April and some recipe ideas to keep you busy in the kitchen this month:


Asparagus is one of the highlights of spring and a dieter's best friend (each spear has only 3 calories!).

This tasty vegetable can either have thin or thick stalks and come in green or white. Asparagus is great roasted, sautéed or blanched and tossed into salads, soups and frittatas.

Discover more asparagus recipes here.


Creamy, buttery and colorful, avocados are one of our favorite vegetables (or is it a fruit?).

Enjoy avocados as guacamole, stuffed with cheese or whipped into a tasty vegan dip or smoothie.

Find more avocado recipes here.



Frozen peas are available year long but don't miss out on the fresh varieties available this season.

Peas are delicious as a side dish but are also great in soups, salads, risottos and frittatas

Find gourmet recipes with peas here.


Depending on where you live you may spot the first strawberries of the season.

Use this antioxidant-rich fruit to whip up delicious smoothies, jams and desserts like this epic strawberry shortcake.

Find more strawberry recipes here.


Rhubarb seasons begins in spring and lasts until early summer.

Use this tart crimson-colored vegetable to perk up fruit pies, preserves and even lemonade.

Get our gourmet rhubarb recipes here.

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Turn to this nifty infographic from Cookie and Kate to see what else is in season in April:


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