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How to Make Indian Cappuccino, aka Beaten Coffee

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How to Make Indian Cappuccino, aka Beaten Coffee
Photo Nehas Cookhouse/YouTube

If you grew up in India or have ever attended an Indian wedding you'll be well acquainted with Indian cappuccino, a frothy beaten coffee that is creamy, comforting and served with a nice sprinkle of powdered chocolate.

Unlike Italian cappuccino, the Indian-style concoction doesn't require a frother (the foam is mostly obtained by hand, as we will explain later). But there is another twist: it is made with instant coffee!

Coffee snobs may turn up their nose at cappuccino made with instant coffee but this Indian specialty is worth a try. It's that good!

How To Make Indian Cappuccino: Tips and Tricks

The trick to making a killer Indian cappuccino lies in the foam, which can be made right in the serving cup. All that you'll need is a spoon, instant coffee granules, sugar and a tiny amount of milk or water.

Using the least amount of liquid possible is key. This is what will yield the best froth. Once the ingredients are in the cup they are beaten quickly until they become frothy. The process can take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes (so be ready for a workout!).

At first, the mixture will be dark but it will transform into a thick, light-colored cream that will make your mouth water.

Photo: Pastry Chef Online

If preparing one cup of Indian cappuccino Jenni from Pastry Chef Online recommends using: 1 tbsp instant coffe + 1 tbsp sugar + 2 1/2 tsp of water. The whipped mixture is then combined with hot milk and topped with cocoa powder.

The process of making beaten coffee is illustrated beautifully in this video from Nehas Cookhouse:

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