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How to Sous Vide without an Expensive Sous Vide Machine

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How to Sous Vide without an Expensive Sous Vide Machine

Sous Vide - we’re constantly being told of the virtues of using sous vide cooking for a whole host of different ingredients and the image of someone removing fish, veg or meat inside a bag from a bath of water is getting as common as seeing bread pop out of the toaster.

Sous vide equipment is getting cheaper and there are many people making machines aimed directly at the home user but the stuff is still expensive and we’re a while off the sous vide replacing the microwave on the kitchen counter.

Does that mean you can only watch the pros doing it on Masterchef while you only wonder about the juicy goodness possible if only you had your own? No, no our friends, it doesn’t. That’s because Sous Vide can be replicated at home - ok, it’s not going to be as accurate as the pros and you’re going to have to monitor the temp to make sure it doesn’t cool down too much but the process can be achieved with some very basic equipment and a keen eye on the thermometer.

The team at ChefSteps have created two different videos showing you how to achieve some Sous Vide goodness at home. The first requires a regular cool box and the second a pot on top of a stove - it really is as simple as it sounds. 

For those scratching their heads at why anyone would spend lots of money on equipment we’re telling you to replicate with a cool box - it’s because Sous Vide machines hold a truly accurate temperature which is very important when looking to obtain consistent results. The tempo of these home versions will fluctuate a lot so probably best not to try cooking 63 eggs, however this technique should work just fine for veg, meat and fish where a temp change of a few degrees won’t ruin the end result.

Watch the videos below - we’ve also included one of ChefSteps recipes for Sous Vide salmon and if you really want to get to understand this style of cooking, we suggest you enroll in their Cooking Sous Video class. 

See more great ChefSteps content on Fine Dining Lovers. 

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