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10 Unique Glasses That Make Drinking More Fun

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10 Unique Glasses That Make Drinking More Fun

When it comes to serving cocktails, it definitely pays off to think outside the box. With these cool and creative glasses you'll be sure to put the 'happy' in Happy Hour. Whether you are a beer or wine fanatic, here are 10 unique glasses that are worth celebrating. Bottoms up!

1. Forced Glass Cups (pictured above)

Stand out from the crowd by sipping a cold one from this artistic asymmetrical glass.

2. Dual Beer Glass

Can't decide between a pilsner and a stout? With this twisted glass you can enjoy them both.

3. The Meld Line Wine Glass

This unique wine glass actually molds to your hand so you and your vino can become one.

4. Chocolate Beer Glass

Japanese brewing company Sankt Gallen developed this edible glass for its chocolate beer.

5. Marathon Wine Glass

Did you get stuck being the designated driver again? Pace yourself with this nifty wine glass.

6.  Beer/Shot Glass

Enjoy a shot then flip this baby upside down to chase it down with your favorite beer.

7. Finger-In Glasses

Get a better grip on your drink with these cool glasses designed to prevent spills.

8. Moon Glass

Kick things up a notch by serving sake or tea in these amazing glasses that display different lunar phases.

9. 3-in-1 Glass

This 3-in-1 glass recycled glass bottle transforms into a cup, spoon and lantern.

10. Artistic Cocktail Glasses

Jazz up cocktail time with these unique cocktail glasses inspired by ancient Chinese vessels.

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