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Zipeela Peels Fruit and Vegetables in Seconds

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Zipeela Peels Fruit and Vegetables in Seconds

Turn the tedium of peeling fruit and vegetables on its head with this fun automated peeling machine called the Zipeela.

Just secure a fruit or vegetable on the vertical split while a blade descends from the top down removing the outer layer of skin in a few effortless seconds.

Designed to tackle any shape or variety of fruit and veg from long and thin cucumber and zucchini to small and round potatoes and pears, it can even take on a kiwi.

Just imagine, peeling spuds for mashed potatoes or apple pie will become child's play. Marmalade makers will be in their element too, as the zipeela manages to peel the ideal thin citrus zest from oranges.

The Guardian give us a twirl of the 'potato ballerina':

Spiraliser fans will be equally satisfied where the peelings can also double up as vegetable spaghetti.

Functionality aside, this is a gadget that guarantees hours of fun in the kitchen, and a great way to entice volunteers to help out in the kitchen come dinner time. We defy you to present it without putting on a theatrical French accent.

Zipeela, £24.99 (approx $35USD) from Lakeland

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