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Why Thomas Keller is Suing His Insurance Company

30 March, 2020
Thomas Keller

Photo: Deborah Jones / Finedininglovers Artwork

“To avoid payments for a civil authority shut down the insurance industry is pushing out deceptive propaganda that the virus does not cause a dangerous condition to property. This is a lie, it’s untrue factually and legally. The insurance industry is pushing this out to governments and to their agents to deceive policyholders about the coverage they owe,” added Houghtaling.

The coronavirus crisis is set to damage much of the restaurant industry. So far, insurance companies have resisted any suggestion that they should cover restaurants’ losses. 

Since the outbreak of SARS and Ebola in recent years, many insurers have inserted a clause in their policies to indemnify themselves from damage to business caused by this type of outbreak. By suing his insurer, Keller may be hoping to set a precedent that could pave the way to the rest of the U.S's restaurants being able to claim, at least partially for loss of earnings during the coronavirus crisis.

This is an important push from the chef and one we expect to gain traction as the U.S restaurant scene watches closely and waits for the results. 

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