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Celebrate St Patrick's Day with Chef Mark Moriarty

16 March, 2021
Mark Moriarty

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Mark Moriarty's recipe for beef cheeks braised in stout, potato mousseline

Celebrate fresh Irish ingredients with this dish of warm, hearty, deliciousness of melt in your mouth beef cheeks in a rich Guinness glaze.

"When cooking the stew, I make sure I get as much colour as possible on the meat and vegetables, it makes such a difference to the final dish. The orange juice is a handy trick to balance the bitterness from the reduced stout" says Moriarty.

Beef cheeks braised in stout, potato mousseline

Watch Moriarty in action making his braised beef cheek dish in the clip below:

Mark Moriarty's recipe for stout and roasted barley caramel custard tart

Guinness and Irish whisky both add a celebratory twist to this modern Irish dessert.

"To make the barley sweeter, I make a caramel to cut the barley and stout infused cream. This sweetens the mix, but doesn’t mask the beautiful malty, roasted-nut flavours in the cream. I don’t like deserts too sweet, sugar can mask flavour."

Custard Tart


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