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Nose to Tail: A Delicious Film about a Disaster Chef

12 February, 2020
Nose to Tail Trailer

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Nose to Tail is a low-budget Canadian film showing actor Adam Abrams as Daniel, a despicable, maniac chef over the course of a single day at his (once-famous) restaurant. We see him at his worst, his restaurant is in desperate need of financial injection, his staff despise him, the sous chef is threatening to leave, and his wife declares that she is taking their son and moving to Paris. His woes don't end there, but it's not stopping him from drinking and carrying on with his wildly inappropriate behaviour with his on-again, off-again relationship with his hostess. 

Daniel's self-destructive behaviour feels difficult to watch at times, and he makes no attempt to redeem himself. But it does make for a gripping film that you will find difficult to tear yourself away from.

So if you're not over chef movies yet, go check it out now. 

Nose to Tail is out in cinemas now in the US.

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