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Noma Secures Funding to Help Former Employees

15 April, 2020

Photo Noma | Irina Boersma

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Luckily, says Redzepi, Noma is in Denmark, where the government have acted swiftly and decisively to limit small business closure by rolling out a line of financial aid that sees the government to pay 80% of employee’s wages during the period that they can’t work due to the coronavirus restrictions.

That scheme, together with donations by some friends and loyal guest of the restaurant has allowed Redzepi to create a fund to help former employees of Noma. The chef himself says that the fund includes everything he has. If you have ever worked for Noma, and you are currently struggling, you can apply for help. Whatever Redzepi has, he’s willing to share with the Noma alumni.

As many of Noma’s former employees have gone on to open their own restaurants, they will be precariously placed during the course of the coronavirus restrictions. Many businesses teeter on the brink of permanent closure, which would not only see their dreams vanish overnight, but would cause jobs to disappear.

Redzepi says that the fund is for health insurance, but it is not clear whether or not it could be used for other bills. To avail of the funding, all former Noma employees have to do is to send Redzepi an email and he’ll do his best to help you.

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