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Noma Reports Financial Loss for 2021

29 June, 2022

Photo by: Wikimedia Commons / City Foodsters

Despite all the hard work in searching for new revenue streams, such as Noma Projects, which has seen the restaurant’s fermentation lab produce umami-rich garums for sale online, it seems the effects of the lockdown period were felt financially.

“In the circumstances, the company’s result and economic development have been satisfying,” said Noma's 2021 financial report. “The company expects an improved result for the year ahead.”

The last time Noma made a loss was in 2017, when Redzepi closed the restaurant to completely refurbish it. This month, the restaurant announced that it would close in Copenhagen after the current summer season and spend winter and fall on the road, before returning to its current location in 2023 and changing the restaurant "as we know it".

The dining room at Noma.

Noma Will Spend the Rest of the Year on the Move

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