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René Redzepi: "Noma Needs to be the Best Place to Work"

06 October, 2021
Chef Rene Redzepi, Owner of The Best Restaurant in The World

Ditte Isager

The ‘how’ of all this is what Redzepi remained coy about throughout the evening. “I can’t talk about these things… I feel we are going to jinx it.” However, when pressed, the chef did reveal that a lot of his focus will be on less production, more creativity, better balance and more input for his team from far outside the restaurant industry. 

“If we were to have a total transformation of the team, of how we work, have less opening days, spend more time on creativity. We would either have to raise the price a lot or do something completely different. We can’t raise the price more because people would be shocked so how can you find a different revenue stream? Like the garums,” he said, referring to a new product line launched by the restaurant a few months earlier. 

“We are also planning to have a different set of skills into the organisation. Somebody that can come and see things from a different perspective and really tell us what we are doing wrong. I have a myriad of people I’ve been talking to for the last year and a half about what sort of disruption to put into a food organisation that’s part of a very old, sort of, stuck system. It’s something that needs to be addressed urgently. We need to be the best place to work, let’s be the best place for that.” 


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