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Fancy a Nice Refreshing Glass of Cool, Clear... Carbonara?

27 April, 2021
Valerio Braschi_Liquid Carbonara

Photo: courtesy Ristorante 1978

Before arriving at the carbonara distillate, Braschi had already experimented with the transformation of solid to liquid food with an aubergine bitter, also designed as a small taster before starting a meal.

Aubergine Bitter

In this case, the aubergine bitter was obtained by baking aubergines and sealing them to cool in a vacuum bag so as to retain all the cooking liquids. "The roasted water is collected and angostura, soy sauce and lime juice added, to give more acidity and flavour with a bitter note that is perfect with aubergine," explained the chef.

Aubergine Bitter

"As the last step, the aubergine water is put in test tubes and then in the fridge because it must be served very cold. It releases a flavour that is exactly that of roasted aubergine with bitter notes of angostura mixed with soy sauce and lime juice, which makes the bitter a potion never tried before." The chef also added an Asian touch by adding Japanese tosazu vinegar to accentuate the smoky notes.

It seems Braschi is having a lot of fun in Ristorante 1978's kitchen. The next project is linked to some edible perfumes designed as a tribute to the restaurant's patrons. We just have to wait.

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