How to Store Dehydrated Food: 9 Tips to Keeping Food Fresher for Longer

07 May, 2021
Dehydrated foods


5. Snug Fit

Try to use containers sufficiently big or small to hold the exact amount of food, without leaving too much room at the top, thus avoiding any excess oxygen left in the container.

6. Portion Control

Divide your food into portion sizes that you think you might use in the future. This is to avoid dipping in and out of containers and unnecessarily exposing any remaining food to more air.

7. Cool and Dry

Always store your containers of dehydrated food in a cool, dry place. As a general rule, think: the lower the temperature, the longer the storage time.

8. Freeze

To really maximise shelf life, keep your dehydrated food sealed in the freezer. But, do be careful to store them carefully to avoid freezer burn.

9.First In First Out (FIFO)

Maximise your stock rotation skills to make sure you use up your oldest produce first.


How Long can you Store Dehydrated Food For?

Once you've carefully prepped and stored your dehydrated food, the good news is it can last for months up to a year. 

Here are some approximate guidelines on how long you should be able to keep various dehydrated foods to enjoy them at their best:

Fruits & Vegetables
One year for fruit and about six months for vegetables at 60F (source: NCHFP).

One to two months (source: USDA), or six months if vacuum sealed and frozen (source: The Dehydrator Cookbook).

Grains, Beans, and Rice
One year (source: The Dehydrator Cookbook).

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