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The Future Sausage, a New Concept for Food and Design

06 May, 2017
The Future Sausage project

Courtesy of The Future Sausage project

What is the percentage of meat in each sausage? What is the rest composed of?
H.T.W. The meat percentage was around 65% in the sausages we made.
G.B. What is meat? Is insect flour considered meat? The objective is to have less meat and even no meat at all. Other than meat, there were insect flours, vegetal protein like lentils or chickpeas and also vegetables or nuts. I worked on taste and texture. The problem with insects is that the taste can be strong and also because they are psychologically hard to accept, the taste has to be wonderful.  Insect flour will be ok in a few years, but it will take more time to have roasted cockroaches next to a traditional salami.

What would you like to see happen as a result of the publication of the book?
H.T.W. It would be fantastic of course if some large sausage manufacturers would start to work with the book as a guideline, so some of the sausages could go into production.
G.B. As you can see worldwide, meat alternatives are more and more of a must. The objective for me as an epicurean is not to eradicate meat but to eradicate intensive production. We have to change the way we see food very quickly or in 50 years there will be nothing to cultivate, nothing to raise and no more beauty and poesy.

Carolien, at what point is your crowdfunding campaign?
The crowdfunding campaign is in its final days and we are close to 55%. Nevertheless, I am very happy with the book and still very hopeful that the crowdfunding will be complete with at least 100%.

How do you think the project will evolve?
It’s already evolving because I have been invited to several food events to give a lecture or a workshop: I’m happy to share this knowledge with the world and mostly with the butchers. I am also starting to engage with sausage manufactures: having some sausages I developed out there would be amazing.

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