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Christmas Tree Decorations for Foodies

19 December, 2022
christmas tree with lights

Photo credit: Mourad Saadi @ Unsplash

For true decadence, start Christmas entertaining with caviar. Its origin is in a Persian word meaning ‘cake of strength’, and it was the Persians who first extracted caviar from sturgeon and enjoyed it in the 16th century. They thought caviar had healing properties. The Gisela Graham glass and striking blue hand-painted caviar tin is impressively realistic and a reminder, perhaps, to treat oneself to caviar in 2023. Seafood lovers could opt for a Vondel hand blown and hand decorated oyster shell with pearl. A more sustainable addition would be a handmade lobster crafted in Nepal by artisans using traditional techniques and natural and biodegradable materials and dyes from Felt So Good, founded by Adele Zara Collinson in 2009.     

Even the meal itself is celebrated with a bauble. There is great attention to detail on a splendid glass turkey from Gisela Graham with all the accompaniments. Brussels sprout baubles have been around for a while, and complement the tree even for sprout deniers. Gisela Graham, clearly a brussels believer, makes beautiful decorations in glass, metal and resin, decorated with colourful glitter.

avocado christmas tree baubles

Photo courtesy of Graham & Green

Hand-felted and hand crocheted pigs in blanket may appeal for a more folky look. Etsy have a selection. And for those who can’t live without hot sauce, there’s Sriracha for the tree, in the form of a mini hot sauce bottle.

Festive desserts that aren’t traditional Christmas pudding are more popular than ever this year, as more people fess up to simply not enjoying plum pudding. For traditionalists, Sass & Belle have a holly-topped felt pudding decoration that is handmade and intricately embroidered with beads to sparkle under the Christmas lights.

Even those post Christmas food rituals of sushi to refresh the palate can now adorn the tree. Sushi decorations have been a bauble bestseller and now hard to come by though there’s a super ramen bowl complete with chopsticks, plus plenty of pizza, tacos, and brilliant foil-wrapped burritos, all available in miniature for the tree too. Happy seasons feasting.

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