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Food Meets Hope by S.Pellegrino: Recovery, Inclusivity, Evolution

11 October, 2020
Food meets hope

Tim Raue pivoted from fine dining to a ‘local restaurant’ philosophy during the Covid crisis. Luckily, he could rely on a good social security system thanks to the German government.

“It was six months of a new kind of life, which gave us an idea of what could happen if people could no longer fly. Something I could never have expected.

“It is absolutely mandatory for the future that we are sustainable, we have to realise we are a family and there is no way back. We have to give to other people, and we have to share.”

Julia Colagreco said that her main concern was the staff, so they closed Mirazur, but it allowed them a moment of reflection about how they treat their staff and the world.

“Menton is really lost in France, but we’ve always been an international destination, but that has completely changed. A lot of French people have come. We are very happy to be able to welcome them.

“We were lucky we had a garden in our home or vice versa – it’s a big garden. We spent eight weeks with our son in the garden. We could work the terroir and vegetables. We spent a lot of time in nature and with vegetables.”

“We took it like a moment of reflection. This happened in the whole world. For us it was a big and strong thing. We said we cannot just let it pass by, we need to take it, reflect and see how we can help and make something new from it.

“For us, the biggest problem is how we consume today, how the world consumes today. That’s a real problem in the whole world. We said: let’s try to show that we can consume local, and we can consume fresh products, and we don’t need to buy industrialised things from supermarkets, and we can do good things with fresh products and the products we have. We don’t need to bring things from the other side of the world by plane to pollute the earth.”


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