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Tips and Tricks for Easy Meal Planning

26 July, 2022
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Deal to win

Go to the supermarket at the end of the day, even better at the end of the week. You’ll pick up deals on products the market needs to offload before the weekend. Spoilable items like chicken and fish often end up on offer late on a Friday evening, so why not plan your shopping for then?

Time is money

If you’re not used to it, planning your meals may seem like a drain on your time. But every minute you can invest in planning your meals in the future can reduce your food costs and limit your food waste. Planning your meals is an opportunity to involve the whole family and give the little ones a voice about what they do and don’t want to eat. Time spent talking about what we eat, will only influence what we eat in a positive way.

Download the template

Try this PowerPoint template for a weekly meal plan that can help you plan your meals or schedule them in advance. By putting things on the wall and externalising them, we automatically give the subject of meal planning more attention, so give it a go. Hang this meal plan somewhere prominent and see how much more attention you bring to your shopping and your cooking.

Check out this chef's guide to good meal planning 

Use this invaluable infographic to help plan your meals with pre-planned recipes for each meal, and identify the ingredients and quantities you need. Once you can plan which ingredients can be reused for multiple meals, you will be able to cook in batches and be prepared for the future. 

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