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Chefs Go on Hunger Strike in Portugal

03 December, 2020

Photo credit: Jorge Luís

Chef Vasco Coelho Santos, from Euskalduna Studio, in Porto, believes that the hunger strike by Stanisic and the other participants is noteworthy because they are "showing their faces" and fighting for an entire sector. "I think it is inconceivable that after these days, none of the government representatives has yet made themselves available to speak with them. With people on hunger strike in front of the Assembly, I don't understand how they haven't set up a meeting yet," he said.

On Wednesday, 2 December, Stanisic felt sick and was taken to the hospital because of a drop in his blood glucose and excess tiredness. After an injection, and signing a declaration of responsibility, he was back at the demonstration. “I feel so much stronger now,” he said.

Artists and celebrities left messages of support on social media. Meanwhile, Stanisic said he hopes to have the strength to endure until he can climb the stairs to Parliament for a meeting with the Prime Minister or the Minister for the Economy.

"I want to be able to tell them that, after all, we want to protect people, we want to work, support our families, our employees, who are the ones who will suffer most from all this situation. And all these people will not be able to survive on bread and water alone.”

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