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Antonia Klugmann: "You Don't Want to Find Yourself 15 Years Older and Unhappy"

07 May, 2021
Antonia Klugmann

Photo: Courtesy of Antonia Klugmann

It's a dedication that the chef obviously also demonstrates in the role of mentor for the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy competition. "This type of competition is also an important element on the training path of every chef, especially if you live it with the intention of improving yourself and of challenging and competing with yourself. The comparison with others must serve as an exchange and verification. Because throughout our career this is the only way we will have to relate to our colleagues."

"As Alessandro Bergamo's mentor, having a strong professional background working alongside Carlo Cracco, I can offer him a comparison with another point of view that I hope will be stimulating and a source of questions rather than answers."

Klugmann gives us a final little piece of advice for many young chefs: "Living your work by always questioning yourself is essential for progression. Competing first of all with yourself every day is the first step. Comparison with other young chefs can help the system through an exchange."

Acqua Panna Award

Acqua Panna Award for Connection in Gastronomy Round-Up

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