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Mexican meatballs with spicy tomato sauce

Mexican meatballs with spicy tomato sauce

Looking for new Mexican dinner ideas? Try this Mexican meatball recipe, prepared with beef and served with spicy tomato sauce: Mexican food with a twist!

14 September, 2023
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serves for


total time

1 HR 10 MIN


1 slice, 1 day old
3 tbsp/1.5 oz
1, peeled and finely chopped
Olive oil
1 tbsp/0.5 oz
500g/17.6 oz, ground
2 tbsp/1 oz fresh, chopped
Lemon zest
a little
freshly ground
2, peeled and finely chopped
1 clove, peeled and finely chopped
400g/14.1 oz, chopped
Red chilli peppers
2, deseeded and chopped
Tomato paste
1 tbsp/0.5 oz
Olive oil
4 tbsp/2 oz
Red wine
200ml/6.7 oz
for garnish


Step 01

For the Mexican meatballs

To prepare the Mexican meatballs with spicy tomato sauce start softening the bread in the cream and pull apart.

Step 02

Sauté the chopped onion in the hot oil.

Step 03

Put the ground beef, egg, parsley, softened bread, cooked onion and lemon zest in a bowl.

Step 04

Season with salt and pepper. Mix well by kneading.

Step 05

Form the mixture into small balls.

Step 06

For the spicy tomato sauce

Sauté the chopped chillies, garlic and onions until transparent.

Step 07

Stir in the tomato paste and deglaze with the red wine. Bring to a simmer.

Step 08

Add the tomatoes and continue simmering for approximately 20 minutes. Stir occasionally.

Step 09

Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Step 10

Add the meatballs and cover the pan. Allow to steam gently for approximately 10 minutes.

Step 11

Garnish the Mexican meatballs with the chervil and serve.


What’s the best meat for meatballs?

Beef is traditionally used for Mexican meatballs although you may want to try combining the beef with pork mince, which will add extra flavour and make the meatballs slightly softer. A 50/50 combination works well. 

How to serve Mexican meatballs

Mexican food includes a plethora of tasty treats of which meatballs are only one example. Try them served with a dollop of guacamole and sour cream, with fluffy coriander rice, accompanied by corn chips or wrapped in a warm flour tortilla. Whether you want to pair them with a margarita is entirely up to you!

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