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gin fizz

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Gin Fizz: Classic and Refreshing

Gin fizz is one of the most famous gin-based cocktails. Discover the very few ingredients you'll need and how to make it, from the choice of gin to garnishes.


23 May, 2022
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serves for



1 1/2 OZ (45 ml)
Lemon juice
1 OZ (30 ml) (fresh)
Sugar syrup
1/3 OZ (10 ml)
a splash

Slice of lemon / lemon zest

High tumbler (Highball)

Jigger - shaker - citrus peeler - fruit tweezers

Shake and double strain

Step 01

gin fizz preparation

Fill the shaker up to 3/4 of its capacity with ice.

Step 02

gin fizz

Using the manual juicer, squeeze 1 OZ (30 ml) of lemon directly into the jigger to check the exact amount, and then pour it into the shaker.

Step 03

gin fizz

Measure 1/3 OZ (10 ml) of sugar syrup with the jigger and pour into the shaker.

Step 04

gin fizz

Measure 1 1/2 OZ (45 ml) of gin with the jigger and pour into the shaker.

Step 05

gin fizz

Close the shaker and shake vigorously until the outer surface of the container becomes very cold.

Step 06

gin fizz

Open the shaker and pour the cocktail into the glass you have chosen to use, using a double strain to prevent pieces of ice from ending up inside.

Step 07

gin fizz

Add a splash of soda water directly into the glass.

Step 08

gin fizz

Garnish with lemon zest and serve.

The birth of the gin fizz dates back to the end of the eighteenth century, when the officers of the English navy, who used gin to fight fever, decided to add lemon to it to conserve vitamin C and thus prevent scurvy. With the subsequent addition of Soda, the recipe was complete and destined for success. Gin fizz represented the perfect after-work cocktail: thirst-quenching, regenerating, fresh and acidic at the right point. For this, it became the most loved by the workers who, before returning home, allowed themselves a short stop at the bar.

Gin fizz is the progenitor of the 'fizz' category, which includes all those slightly sparkling cocktails consisting of alcohol, a sour juice, usually lemon, and soda. It was created as a variant of the oldest 'sour' cocktails, made up of alcohol and a 'sour', a pre-mix based on lemon juice, egg white and sugar. The main characteristic of the 'fizzes' is that it is very refreshing.

There are numerous variations of gin fizz, such as silver fizz to which egg white is added; or the golden fizz, in which egg yolk is added instead. Sparkling wine is added to the diamond fizz, while a splash of mint cream is added to the green fizz.


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Ivan Della Nave

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