Oyster, Seaweed, Ramsons

Oyster, Seaweed, Ramsons

An exclusive appetiser recipe, shared by chef JP McMahon and served at the international launch of Food on the Edge 2018 in Barcelona.

13 June, 2018
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12, shucked and rinsed
Extra virgin rapeseed oil
Pickled ramsons (wild garlic seed heads)
in malt vinegar
Sea lettuce
50g, fresh, trimmed and cut into 12 evenly sized pieces
Sea salt
3, shucked and cleaned, inner liquid reserved
rapeseed oil
Sea salt
15g, cleaned and trimmed


For 12 oysters

To make the oyster emulsion: Blend the oysters together with their liquids and then gradually add the oil until an emulsion forms. Add a little water if desired to lighten the emulsion. Place in a piping bag and keep chilled.

Wrap each oyster neatly with sea lettuce and place back in the clean shell.

Place three small dots of the oyster emulsion on each oyster, followed by three ramsons.

Carefully dress each oyster with a little extra virgin rapeseed oil and some of the reserved vinegar from the ramsons.

Season with sea salt and garnish with some orache.

A close-up of JP McMahon

JP McMahon

JP McMahon is one of Ireland’s most prominent chefs.


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