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Dumplings in a steamer.

Photo: Courtesy Andrew Wong

Definitive and Doable: Andrew Wong's Shanghai Dumplings

Definitive and Doable is a Fine Dining Lovers series sharing classic dishes and recipes from top chefs and iconic restaurants that can be easily re-created at home. Here we learn how to make chef Andrew Wong's Shanghai dumplings, a traditional Chinese dumpling known as xiaolongbao or tang bao. They consist of a paper-thin dumpling layer, usually stuffed with a pork filling and served in a rich broth. These dumplings are served at Wong's eponymous two-Michelin-star London restaurant. 

These dumplings require a little work and organisation but are not outside the realms of possibility for the experienced home cook. The definitive Shanghai dumplings and very doable.

12 September, 2022
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