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Milano Food Week 2019

Milano Food Week 2019: 7 Unmissable Events
02-08 May, 2019

Milano Food Week 2019

Milan Food City and Milan Food Week 2019: for a week, over 100 events bring the city to life, from the centre to the suburbs. from starred chefs to street food.

The most anticipated week by Milanese food lovers is coming.  While TuttoFood is on show from 6 to 9 May at Rho Fiera, the entire Lombard capital will come alive with Milano Food City 2019, the spin off event that animates the city with hundreds of events dedicated to food, including events, tastings and special initiatives, from 3 to 9 May.

Among these is the Milan Food Week 2019: the collection of events spread across different city locations, scheduled from 2 to 8 May. Now in its tenth edition, the event involves the entire city, from the center to the suburbs.

How does that look in numbers? As many as 40 chefs, 4 kitchens, 10 themes will deliver over 100 events in 7 days.

How should you orient yourself to make the most of this week dedicated to food? Here is a selection of unmissable events during Milan Food Week 2019.

Milan Food Week 2019

Michelin Starred Storycooking in Piazza Duomo 

Stage kitchen is the main kitchen of Milano Food Week, dedicated to the most spectacular events. A main stage, set up in Piazza Duomo, where Michelin starred chefs will alternate telling their story and talk about the evolution of their cuisine over the last ten years through their dishes, in "storycooking". Among the protagonists, are some great names in Italian fine dining: Andrea Berton, Davide Oldani and Daniele Canzian, Viviana Varese, Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani, Luigi Taglienti, Andrea Aprea, Filippo Sisti, Igles Corelli, Valeria Margherita Mosca, Giancarlo Morelli, Ernst Knam, Franco Aliberti and Davide Caranchini.

Food and Film 

A food-themed event is scheduled for each evening, from 3 to 8 May at CityLife Cinema Anteo. An unmissable opportunity for all cinephiles: film critic Marco Lombardi, creator of the Cinegustologia project, has edited an ad hoc program, with screenings that follow the joint theme of "food and cinema" and films that have food as the protagonist. The Great Italian documentary dedicated to the maestro Gualtiero Marchesi will screen on May 3 at 5.30 pm, to open the exhibition. Following the film screening, there will be a round table on the theme "Food as an ingredient of entertainment", with the intervention of the president of Milan Food Week Federico Gordini, food critic Andrea Grignaffini, chefs Davide Oldani and Andrea Berton and the curator Marco Lombardi.

Musical Apertivo at Duomo Terazza 21 

It's inevitable, even at Milano Food Week, that the Milanese rite par excellence is celebrated - the aperitivo!  Every day at Terrazza Duomo 21, from 19.30 guests can relax with a drink and background music. Themed drinks and a selection of notes await you every evening. Don't miss the appointment on Sunday 5 May, from 7 to 8 pm, with the "Food Ensemble", a collective that brings together a chef, a sous chef, a sommelier and a musician: the four will give life to a show that combines the realization of three live dishes at an electronic music performance.

Millenial Food at The Young Kitchen 

The Young Kitchen will be set up in the courtyard of the IULM University where a food story will be told from the  view point of the students of the master in Food and Wine Communication of the IULM University. The kitchen will be open every day (except May 4th and 5th) and will focus on street food. A the same time it will be a stage for debates, workshops and experiences for brands and consumers. Among the events, the event in collaboration with Dry Milan in the calendar May 8, from 16.30 to 18.00, dedicated to the perfect combination of panini and cocktails. Afterwards, after the students' party in the Dry headquarters in Viale Vittorio Veneto.

Solidarity Risotto at the Refettorio Ambrosiano

There is no lack of charity initiatives intent on fighting waste. In collaboration with the Caritas Ambrosiana, and with the participation of chef Eugenio Boer, in the Refettorio Ambrosiano kitchen, in Piazza Greco by Massimo Bottura, 25 kg of Milanese risotto will be prepared, which will be consumed by the users of the refectory and partly delivered to the guests of the Caritas Ambrosiana hospitality houses with delivery firm, Just Eat.

From May 2nd to 12th, everyone will be able to donate a portion of risotto, ordering online at Just Eat, from some restaurants in the city, yellow risotto or other creative recipes, at a price of 5 or 7 euros. The total weight of the solidarity plates ordered at the Milan Food Week will be doubled and donated to charity by Just Eat, in favor of Caritas Ambrosiana.

Food Photography Courses at Samsung District 

Food lovers with a passion for photography shouldn't miss the event dedicated to those who snap before they eat. In the Samsung District in via Mike Bongiorno, in the Porta Nuova area, two masterclasses dedicated to Food Photography will be held, scheduled for 5 May (with Davide Oldani) and May 6 (with Andrea Mainardi and the renowned food photographer, Andrea Fongo).

Street Food Parade at Barrio's 

Street food is the undisputed star of the Street Food Parade, scheduled from 3 to 5 May at Barrio's, an aggregation center active since 1997 in the Barona area. Food trucks and live music every night will make the perfect soundtrack.

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Milano Food Week 2019

02-08 May, 2019
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