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Chef Jungsik Yim Brings New Korean Cuisine to Singapore

Chef Jungsik Yim Brings New Korean Cuisine to Singapore
30 December, 2018

Chef Jungsik Yim Brings New Korean Cuisine to Singapore

The two Michelin star chef will bring his modern Korean cuisine to Cassia, Singapore in two special dinners, on 19 & 20 May. See what's on the menu.

Two Michelin-starred Chef Jungsik Yim, dubbed the King of Korean Cuisine, is set to make his first culinary debut in Singapore on 19 and 20 May, hosted by the five-star resort Capella in collaboration with Acqua Panna and S.Pellegrino.

With just two days in town, expectant diners will need to book ahead for the chance to take part in one of the two exclusive dinners set to showcase Chef Yim's groundbreaking “New Korean Cuisine”that has garnered him international acclaim. Both dinners will take place at the hotel’s fine-dining restaurant, Cassia, alongside executive chef, Lee Hiu Ngai.

Yim's five course experience menu will reflect his contemporary style of “New Korean” making for an exciting appointment on the sophisticated Singapore dining circuit.

A selection of traditional Korean dishes using molecular gastronomic techniques includes: oysters breaded with squid ink and truffle-flavoured beef tenderloin wrapped with seaweed, braised abalone with seaweed-anchovy dressing, charcoal-grilled branzino served with aged kimchi finishing with a Mexican-inspired corn-based dessert with caramelised pecan and cayenne pepper.

To Reserve a Table:

For more information or to make a reservation, guests can contact Cassia at +65 6591 5045 or email

Chef Yim's first restaurant in Seoul, Jungsik, broke gastronomic boundaries by being the first to introduce modern interpretations to the traditional Korean cuisine and has been a regular feature on Asia's 50 Best list. The chef has since gone on to secure two Michelin stars for his cool Jungsik New York restaurant.


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Chef Jungsik Yim Brings New Korean Cuisine to Singapore

30 December, 2018
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