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21 Things People Hate When Dining Out

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21 Things People Hate When Dining Out
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Eating out should be a pleasure, after all we're paying customers right?

However, we hold our hands up, we’re the first to admit it, without even trying to be finickity, there are definitely some things that can really get in the way of an enjoyable dinner out.

So we thought we'd ask our readers for their thoughts, we had a sneaking suspicion it's not just us. Is there a common theme to our gripes? Is it all about the loud music and dim lighting and additional service charge?  

Thanks to all your responses we received on Facebook, we can draw one overriding conclusion; that inadequate or unprofessional service is something that really irks us, and don't even get us started on over chilled butter.  No comments have yet been passed, regarding neighbouring diners behaviour or phone usage but there's still time!

See a selection of the comments below and get involved in the conversation over on our Facebook page.

Dawn VonDollen Bellemare
Snobby waitstaff that don't really have much experience will tick me off. I try to treat everyone as decent humans, but some punk 20 something in an apron looking down his/her nose can make that more difficult.

Jason Howard-Steele
Slate. Pure and simple.

Gustavo Gutierrez
Waiter doesn't know the menu well or get lost on the explanation.

Order a bottle of wine and waiter coming back saying they ran out of that bottle.

Order a glass of wine and not being poured in front of the customer.

Not cleaning the table before the dessert , cheese plate or coffee.

Being sat next to the kitchen or restroom.

Waiters on the corner talking to each other or eating while my glass of water is empty. .....

Sandy Carter
Badly timed service. Too fast - main is served as they take away the entree plate, Too slow - waiting 40 minutes for your next course!

Avni Tilvawala
Waaay too much attention. Not able to maintain conversation with my partner without constant interruption to fill up drinks and ask if we are ok.

Xtina Linning
Expecting to seat 6 pax on a table only meant for 4! i.e. Overcrowding for maximum money.

Deborah Brockman
Server not paying attention to my empty beverage glass.

Server bringing the check before you ask.

Angie Daw
Being rushed off your table ... and slow drinks orders.

Martin Elliman
Fridge cold, hard butter served with your bread!!!! (a popular choice)

Susan Carey
Clearing my plate while I'm still chomping away.

Bill Carrington
Not enough light to read the menu.

Yavonne Sarber
Poor table maintenance, no seat numbers being used so food is auctioned at table.

Beverages being brought to the table with no tray.

Laura Brockman Harte
Excessively loud music! Music is needed, but only to help diffuse conversation carrying over from neighboring tables.

Checking in too much or rushing me to order food. Let me enjoy an aperitif first!


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