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Chefs Share 12 More of the Stupidest Food Orders Ever

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Chefs Share 12 More of the Stupidest Food Orders Ever
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Whenever we publish a list of some of the stupidest food orders ever, our readers who work in the industry are more than happy to share some of the stupidest food orders they’ve ever received. It's hilarious some of the things customers ask for, and sometimes, just downright weird. 

Here then are 12 more of the stupidest food orders ever, shared by our readers over on our Facebook page. If you have any to add, then do let us know – this could run and run!

12 of the stupidest food orders ever

Steven Wong

A scoop of vanilla ice cream with the vanilla seed removed.

Craig Ross

Woman sent a scotch egg back with this excuse – ‘If I knew a scotch egg had an egg in it I wouldn't have ordered it.’

Carl Dillahay

Potatoes without carbohydrates.

Austin Finn

I once was asked for a cappuccino with the foam on the side.

Sarah Pugh

$22 Caesar salad, add chicken. No dressing, no cheese, no marinated onions, no croutons, no salt, no pepper, no oil on chicken. And yes, this was three weeks into new year's resolution diet season.

Benjamin Maiorano

I had an older customer send her food back because she was 'allergic to large portions. They overwhelm me.’

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Salvador Franco

Order of pasta well done and fries medium-well.

Tim Marbach

Had an entire 10 top at brunch request 'nothing white' in all of their dishes.

Frank Molano

I still remember the one time a server at the Yacht Club came back to the kitchen saying a member wanted to order a half of a cheeseburger.

Leonidas Kritharas

Lamb shank medium rare please.

Raynan RayneFoo

I want my steak in a heart shape.

Giga Leszay

Can I have a caprese salad, but with no tomato, no mozzarella.


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