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Watch Ramsay Struggle in an Indian Kitchen

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Watch Ramsay Struggle in an Indian Kitchen
Photo Screengrab/YouTube

Gordon Ramsay may hold a coveted three Michelin stars, have built himself a globe-straddling restaurant empire, and fashioned an impressive TV career, but he’s no match for a 400-degree tandoor oven.

In the clips below, we see Ramsay struggling to get to grips with a clay tandoor oven during a busy service at an Indian restaurant in London. He’s in charge of the tandoori meats and naan bread and as service gets underway, with a mere three hours of practice, he just can’t seem to get the food out, with most of it ending up on the floor and/or in the bin.

To be fair to Ramsay it's a totally new skill for him – while he eventually gets the hang of it, there’s certainly something satisfying about seeing Ramsay humbled, when it’s usually him ripping into incompetent chefs. On a similar note, watch Ramsay try and fail to make a Pad Thai for a hilariously unimpressed Thai chef.

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