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Sarah Rosado's Breakfast Art Turns Porridge Oats into Masterpieces

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Sarah Rosado's Breakfast Art Turns Porridge Oats into Masterpieces

An ode to famous masterpieces out of oats by food artist Sarah Rosado is the latest food art to catch our eye. Whilst creating are out of food is nothing unusual, fashioning masterpieces out of single oat flakes has to take the food art prize for patience.

The self-taught New York-based illustrator and photographer, has turned the stodgy breakfast oat into something far more glamorous in her series entitled "Portrait Oats," Mimicking the likes of famous artists, including Michelangelo (main picture), van Gogh, René Magritte.

Whilst some of her past projects have also played out in food, including corn flakes, fruity pebbles and fruit, this time she has opted for the theme of complimentary breakfast recipe ingredients.

Cinnamon sticks neatly frame each oaty picture while a suggestion of favourite porridge toppings and additional ingredients are hinted at with raisins, sliced apple, bananas, strawberries and blueberries displayed in the background.

Take a look below, and for more, you can follow Sarah Rosado on Instagram

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