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Thomas Keller Launches Online Cooking Classes

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Thomas Keller Launches Online Cooking Classes

Chef Thomas Keller has spent his profession running some of the world’s best restaurants, but just as importantly, Keller has also spent his career teaching and mentoring some of the best chefs working in American dining today.

It’s hard to trace the lineage of any promising young chef without seeing a Keller kitchen, or a kitchen owned by a chef once trained by Keller on their resume. He’s also recently created a mentorship program that was instrumental in helping the USA culinary team win the world famous Bocuse d’Or competition in Lyon - the first ever time the country won gold.

You might think with a career spent training and mentoring others the chef would be ready to relax, but far from this, Keller is now setting his sights on training you, yes you.

In a new video seen above, the multi Michelin-starred chef explains his new collaboration with MasterClass - an online cooking resource where Keller will offer up some of his own kitchen lessons based on years of experience.

Keller says the video series will focus on important cooking techniques, fundamentals and foundation ideas, because it’s techniques that really form the back bone of good dishes. Keller will focus on pasta, eggs and vegetables as fundamental ingredients, but the series will also see the chef explain his approach to a number of cooking techniques: glazing, confiting, pureeing, roasting and braising are just a few of the topics that will be featured. It seems a perfect guide for the home cook, and a top resfreher full of protips for the proffesional. 

You can pre-enroll for the classes online, which will include over 30 different lessons, for $90. They also have a series from Gordon Ramsay, Wolfgang Puck and Alice Waters.

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