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The Wi-Fi Password Only a Maths Genius Can Solve

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The Wi-Fi Password Only a Maths Genius Can Solve
Photo Joshua Glock/Reddit

Here’s one way to discourage people from hogging the free Wi-Fi: set an equation only a maths genius could solve in order to get the password.

Joshua Glock snapped the baffling looking calculation at his local Thai restaurant in San Antonio, Texas and it has since gone viral after he posted it on Reddit alongside a request for help from “maths wizards.”

They duly obliged, though many of their replies will be incomprehensible to the layperson; however, no-one has solved the puzzle as yet, with some suggesting it’s a trick equation, and others seemingly determined to crack it.

As First We Feast points out, maybe, just maybe a disgruntled employee is having the last laugh and simply Googled “impossible math equation.” Maybe Mr Glock simply needs to buy some more mobile data?

This isn’t the first time someone has utilised complex calculus in a restaurant (apart from the odd doodle on a napkin after a long and drunken nuclear scientists’ dinner): a Beijing restaurant made headlines earlier in the year after requiring diners to solve equations to discover the prices of dishes.

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