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Do This One Thing To Make Lemons Last Longer

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Do This One Thing To Make Lemons Last Longer
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Have you noticed the price of lemons lately? They are not cheap, especially if you buy organic. Thus, it is a pity to buy them only to have them spoil on your countertop. Do not despair! We have tested a method that will help lemons keep more than twice as long.

What Doesn't Work 
A lot of people refrigerate lemons but this tends to dry them out so it’s not practical when you want to keep your lemons juicy. Storing them on the countertop away from sunlight helps with the juiciness but lemons tend to dry up faster. So what’s one to do?

The Solution
Here is what works like a charm to make lemons last longer:

Put lemons in a large container with a lid. Cover with water, slap on the lid and store in the refrigerator. The water helps retain moisture and they will last much longer versus keeping them out at room temperature. It really is that simple, folks!

We suggest using a glass bowl with a lid and storing the lemons where you can easily spot them so you don’t forget they are in the fridge. This way they'll be ready to turn into curd, lemon bars or squeeze over seafood.

Have you tried this trick? Do you have another method that works well? Tell us below or on Facebook!

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