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Michelin Chefs Cook Rice in Many Ways

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Michelin Chefs Cook Rice in Many Ways

Rice is one of those dishes everyone thinks they can cook, but it comes in so many variations and timing is often so important that getting it wrong is very easy to do. That’s why we’ve decided to bring you a selection of Michelin starred chefs cooking rice in many different ways.

From how to simply boil rice perfectly, to more complex dishes that use the grain, this is a selection of some of the world’s best chefs cooking up some truly delicious rice dishes.

First up is Gordon Ramsay showing how to simply boil basmati rice, it seems easy but you have to get the basics down for a solid foundation.

Next up is chef Masaharu Morimoto as he explains the long process involved in making perfect sushi rice.

We can’t talk rice without talking risotto, for this we are highlighting the dish of Marcus Wareing - a risotto made with readily available ingredients that you can easily make at home. There’s also a whole post on Michelin Chefs Cooking Risotto.

Rice pudding is one of those dishes that many people have bad memories of, perhaps a soggy mess of a school meal or over cooked claggy pile at home, done badly it’s one of the worst things to eat, done well and it’s divine.

In the video below, three-star chef Guy Savoy sets about making his own variation of the classic rice pudding dessert.

Watch Michelin chefs cook other delicious ingredients. 

Pictures under Creative Commons: Marco Verch - RiceBrad Greenlee - Rice PuddingEddy Milfort - Mini SushiQuiet Hut - Rice Grains. 

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